Introduction to L&K Medical Art Creators, Inc.

“The Genuine Value of Medical Illustration for You.”

L&K Medical Art Creators, Inc. (LKMAC) is a company that connects medical illustrators with those in need of medical illustrations, providing optimal medical illustrations tailored to specific needs.

Our Value

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Have you ever noticed how difficult concepts or texts become much clearer when accompanied by illustrations or explanatory images? This is especially true in the field of medicine, which directly affects life and health. Each medical scenario requires accurate and easy-to-understand explanations. A key contributor to this clarity and comprehensibility is medical illustration, which visualizes medical and healthcare information. Creating medical illustrations requires an understanding of human anatomy and the message that needs to be conveyed, coupled with the artistic skills to accurately represent this information. The individuals equipped with the skills to visualize medical information are known as medical illustrators.

Our vision for the future is a world where medical illustrations are easily understood by everyone – healthcare professionals, patients, adults, and children alike. In this world, people of different knowledge backgrounds, environments, and ages can routinely use medical illustrations and designs tailored to their individual needs. To achieve this, our company focuses on creating an environment where medical illustrators can thrive, training the next generation of medical illustrators, and most importantly, providing accurate and effective medical illustrations to everyone.

At L&K Medical Art Creators, Inc., we are committed to supporting your medical and healthcare needs through medical illustrations.

CEO Kento Sakuma
President and CEO, Kento Sakuma

What is Medical Illustration

Medical illustration is the art of visually explaining complex medical concepts. From detailed anatomical drawings to dynamic depictions of processes, it serves as a vital tool in medical education, communication, and design. Precision meets creativity to bridge the gap between medical and visual expression, making healthcare information accessible and understandable to all.



“We are Pioneers in the Art of Medical Illustration in Japan.”

We are a specialized group of medical illustrators, gathered around the leading figure in Japanese medical illustration, Leon Sakuma.

Who is Leon Sakuma??

COO / Head Medical Illustrator

Leon Sakuma

A pioneering figure in the field of medical illustration in Japan, he continues to be an active illustrator, widely recognized as a legend in the country. Regarded as an indispensable contributor to the medical community, his illustrations have graced numerous papers, journals, and books. In 2011, his outstanding achievements were acknowledged as he became the sole medical illustrator appointed as a university professor. In 2016, he established the academic organization ‘Japanese Society of Medical Illustration,’ becoming its inaugural president and leading the forefront of Japan’s medical illustration community.


Excellence Unveiled: LKMAC’s Outstanding Attributes

1.Proposed medical illustrations created by experts in medicine and illustration

 LKMAC is led by a team of experts deeply versed in the fields of medicine and healthcare. It is this profound understanding that enables us to deliver precise and innovative proposal-driven medical illustrations to our clients. As medical illustrators possessing both healthcare knowledge and artistic proficiency, we ensure that our illustrations embody both scientific accuracy and visual impact, tailored to perfectly match the needs of our clients. The combination of medical expertise and illustrative skill allows us to create visuals that excel in both accuracy and aesthetic appeal, meeting the highest standards of our clients.

2.100% Original! Unique Medical Illustrations That Stand Alone

 The creative team at LKMAC produces every medical illustration as 100% original and one-of-a-kind. We relentlessly pursue unique visual expressions tailored to our clients’ preferences, delivering distinctive medical illustrations that stand apart. This commitment ensures that our work is free from unintentional copyright infringements. This uniqueness is a defining feature that sets LKMAC’s creations apart from others in the industry.

3.Every Delivered Illustration Supervised by Another Medical Illustrator

 LKMAC places a strong emphasis on quality, and each delivered illustration undergoes supervision from top-tier medical illustrators, including Leon Sakuma, who provide unique insights. This fusion of expertise and adaptability ensures the production of high-quality deliverables. The collaboration of opinions and skills from each specialist contributes to delivering a richer visual experience for our clients.

4. Exquisite Illustrations Crafted in Japan

 All of our illustrators are Japanese, specializing in intricately beautiful illustrations. With a team of skilled members, we can adapt to various styles and deliver a diverse range of artistic touches.

Our Work

Portfolio can be downloaded from here.

About Us

Company NameL&K Medical Art Creators, Inc.
Address1-11-7 Yakyu-cho, Higashi-Matsuyama, Saitama 355-0028, 2F Haimu Grande Higashi-Matsuyama
Phone+81 493-81-5712
Fax+81 493-81-5726
Business ActivitiesMedical illustration and design services, management and promotion of medical illustrators, development and dissemination of medical illustration, contributing to medicine and healthcare through illustration and design
CapitalJPY 4,950,000
EstablishedJanuary 2021
RepresentativeKento Sakuma

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